General information regarding Newtown Country Club tournaments can be found below!

  • Tournament sign-up sheets are posted on the cork board in the locker room hallways 3 weeks before the start of the tournament. If the tournament field isn't full (40 players) by 4 days before the start of the tournament, weekday members may also sign up for the tournament.
  • Weekday member participation in the Men's 3-Day and Bangkok Bash tournaments is at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
  • If a member enters their name on an entry form more than once they will be required to pay the extra entry fee. Please ensure that your name is on the tournament sign up sheet only once.

Withdrawing From a Tournament
  • Members withdrawing form a tournament must do so within 24 hours of the start of the tournament. Failure to do so will require the ember to pay all associated tournament fees.
  • Deadline to withdraw from the Men's 3-day Member-Guest and Bangkok Bash is 72 hours.
  • Deadline to withdraw from the Wednesday Night Scramble is by 4:00 pm on the day of the Scramble.
Tournament Credit

The majority of tournaments include an entry fee. A portion of the entry fee will go towards a prize purse. The prize portion of the entry fee is paid to the winners in the form of Pro Shop credit. The reason cash cannot be paid to the winners is it is a violation of the USGA's amateur status rules. Pro Shop credit may be applied towards the purchase of merchandise from the Pro Shop. Pro Shop credit can be used to  purchase items in stock or to place special orders.

Pro Shop credit expires each season for the following items:
  • Golf Cart Fees
  • Guest Fees
  • Golf Lessons
  • Club Repair
  • Golf Bag Storage

Wednesday Night Scrambles
  • The Wednesday Night Scrambles are a mixed ABCD scramble played every Wednesday night during the summer season. Start time is 5:30pm. The Scramble is 9-holes with an optional buffet dinner at the completion of play.
  • The deadline to enter or withdraw from a Wednesday Night Scramble is by 4:00pm on the deay of the Scramble.
Handicapping Events
  • All Club events will be played in accordance to the rules of the USGA. All tournaments will be played at USGA recommended handicap for the format of the tournament with a maximum of 20 for men and 30 for women.
  • Men and women over the age of 70 will be exempt from the maximum handicap limits.

2017 Club Championship
Doug Otton ( Runner Up ), Bill Girard ( Champion )